Introduce Myself

Hi everyone, I am a psychologist, I am 27, I come from Belgium, I live in Brussel and I am crazy, addicted and obsessed about cooking11928775_10153602355884173_2137839901_o2, and also eating! I started to cook when I was quite young, with my father. When he was working in the kitchen I always asked “Hey, what can I do?”, so I started to cook, step by step, at 10 or 11 years old. First I was just cutting the vegetables and peeling onions and potatoes (because I always wanted to eat Spanish Tortilla but my father didn’t want to peel and cut all the onions and potatoes we needed for it). Then every year I learned a little more and I began to experiment with my own recipes. I love recipes book (mostly for the pictures) but when I want to try something new I have 2 options: I already have the recipe in my head or I check minimum 2 recipes on the web, and then I try to create my own version of it. So, I would like to share this passion with you, the food enthusiasts! My recipes are quite simple but personnal, everyone can do it and usually I don’t use a lot of equipment (mostly knives, pans, …), I know most of people do not have a lot of kitchen robots. I’ve got a lot of influences, Asian, Italian, French and Oriental mostly. All the pictures are ours, captured by my man (he is passioned by photography so it’s a perfect match). He is also a cocktail-wizard and I love to drunk, sorry, drink so we are going to share some cocktails recipes too. Plus, he is the one who “built” this blog and who published all the articles. This website is ours, not juste mine (btw: thx Darling, I could absolutly not have done all of this by myself, hopefully we are a team!!). To end, we love to travel so we are going to share our food discoveries, crushes, restaurants and stuff. I hope you guys are gonna enjoy all of this!

8 thoughts on “Introduce Myself

  1. I love your beautiful pictures of food. Yum! Thanks for stopping by to like my most humble recipe for Chicken with Condensed Cream of Portabella Mushroom Soup & Vegetables over Pasta. Quite a mouthful for such a simple recipe. Happy eating!

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